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STOKE (verb):
-to increase activity
-to feed intensity
-to stir up

We provide social media video production services to individuals and small businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
We use standard Hollywood techniques to emotionally connect with your audience ... using as little as your mobile phone. 
Whether to help you make yours better or to do it for you, we look forward to adding some STOKE to your social media feed.

Contact us: SliceOfStoke@gmail.com



Vince brings over 10 years experience working on some of Hollywood's top TV shows and films.  He has been a featured actor and stuntman, assisted wardrobe departments, fabricated props, manned camera units, edited trailers ...   and continues to be a proud member of SAG/AFTRA.

See more at: VinceHickman.com -or- ASliceOfStoke.com

Contact Us: SliceOfStoke@gmail.com